Why us?

Carpe Datum was created by veterinary professionals FOR veterinary professionals. Our mission is simple – to improve life in practice.

We know how important it is for busy leaders today to keep their finger firmly on the pulse of the practice. Gaining a clear picture of how your practice is performing, and translating that into actionable steps to improve it, is critical.

The insights provided by the Index tell you exactly where to focus to increase revenue, profitability, and performance by measuring over 120 Key Performance Indicators, and 24 Benchmarks. Our key metrics are tailored specifically to veterinary businesses and adapted to reflect current and future trends.


Experience a comprehensive view, ranging from the bigger picture performance metrics to the minutiae of individual practices. Dive behind the overview into a wealth of information presented through practice-specific metrics, including the number of active clients, annual client spend, and discount rates. Let us help you make informed decisions that drive success.


Each metric is monitored in comparison to historical performance. This proactive approach enables you to identify negative trends well in advance, allowing for timely intervention before they escalate into significant business challenges. Stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your business with our insightful tracking system.


Gain insights into each practice’s performance relative to others within your organisation. This secure market perspective allows you to assess performance and strategically prioritise actions for enhanced competitiveness.