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A Business Intelligence tool providing insights in to every aspect of your Veterinary Practice's performance. Empowering Insights, Driving Excellence - Your Data, Your Advantage


Experience a comprehensive view, ranging from the bigger picture performance metrics to the minutiae of individual practices. Dive behind the overview into a wealth of information presented through practice-specific metrics, including the number of active clients, annual client spend, and discount rates. Let us help you make informed decisions that drive success.


Each metric is monitored in comparison to historical performance. This proactive approach enables you to identify negative trends well in advance, allowing for timely intervention before they escalate into significant business challenges. Stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your business with our insightful tracking system.


Gain insights into each practice’s performance relative to others within your organisation. This secure market perspective allows you to assess performance and strategically prioritise actions for enhanced competitiveness.

Business Intelligence for the Veterinary Profession

Carpe Datum, the architects of Index, revolutionise practice performance assessment. Our robust data analysis engine can transform any PMS or data source in to an innovative traffic-light style dashboard, delivering data-driven metrics for pinpointing improvement areas at individual branch and vet levels.

After our in-depth categorization and analysis of your data, swiftly evaluate strengths and weaknesses in new acquisitions and existing practices. Our unique capabilities provide immediate access to practice data, eliminating the waiting time associated with PMS migrations or integrations.

With our data engine, elevate your performance analysis, align individual clinics within a cohesive strategy, track progress, benchmark top-performers, and address under-performing practices—all in real-time. As your dedicated intelligence provider, we fuel data-driven measures for swift revenue growth, creating well-run, compassionate veterinary practices.


At-a-glance performance metrics backed by powerful practice-level data.


Instant insight on individual practice performance across 21 veterinary specific metrics.


Benchmarked performance tracker with easy metrics display right at your fingertips.


Fast & easy Dashboard integration without the need to change your PMS.

Industry Index

Carpe Datum gathers data from all over the globe to feed our Index platform.  Typically, we group this data to provide insights and comparisons for comparative business groups.  Then came the Industry Index.

Our Industry Index is the first FREE TO ACCESS platform that offers not only up to date coverage of 24 critical industry KPIs, but it also offers a predictive trendline, giving practices the opportunity to get ahead of the curve!

Accessible at the click of a button, this FREE platform offers invaluable information for all to leverage.

Influence the Industry Trends!

The inclusion of your Practice Management System data in our Industry Index will significantly enhance the informativeness of the trend data.

As a token of appreciation for your ongoing contribution, we are pleased to offer you complimentary access to your own Dashboard for six months, valued at £97 per month. To take advantage of this offer, kindly complete your details on the form below:

Powering veterinary practices

Index is the engine that powers all of our services. It’s integral to practice owners who want to achieve optimal people and practice performance.

Experience a convenient way to measure, monitor and manage clinical output, team performance and client trends.

Watch this short video to see all the features and benefits of Practice Index.

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“The real value of the Index is that it enables us to look ‘under the hood’ of our practice – delving into the numbers and analysing different areas of our business. The traffic light system allows us to see how our practice is performing at a glance, whilst the graphs show us trends and areas which may need attention. This is done in conjunction with our regular coach calls and reviews, during which those outcomes and actions are fed into our rolling 90 day plans.”

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