Business Intelligence For The
Veterinary Profession

Carpe Datum is a business intelligence tool that allows you to
assess and review every aspect of your practices’ performance.

About Carpe Datum

Carpe Datum is a business intelligence tool that allows you to assess and review every aspect of your practices’ performance. Our powerful data analysis engine sits behind a simple yet innovative traffic-light style dashboard, which gives you access to data-driven metrics that identify key areas of improvement, on an individual branch and vet level.

Through Carpe Datum, you can quickly and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of both new acquisitions and existing practices. Our unique capabilities grant you quick, direct access to your practice data, allowing you to benchmark and make decisions without the need to wait months or even years for a PMS migration or integration.

Our data engine gives that extra level of performance analysis to your practices. It helps you align all your individual clinics within a single strategy, with the ability to check progress, benchmark good-performers and address faults or practices that are under-performing.

We’re an intelligence provider, and our sole purpose is to fuel your data-driven practice improvement measures; allowing you to increase revenue in less time, and create well-run, caring veterinary practices.

Samantha Wallington

Business Intelligence Processor

At Carpe Datum Samantha is involved in extracting, processing and analysing PMS data, using SQL, Python and Visual Basic. She is also involved in improving existing processes and creating system user guides.

Alongside the above Samantha is studying medical biotechnology: implantable biosensors, utilising nanoparticles to detect cell changes and enable a faster diagnosis of conditions/diseases.

Chris Wallington

Financial & Performance Data Analyst

Chris previously worked at RxWorks/Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions for 8 years as part of the conversions team, as well as training and implementing software.

At Carpe Datum Chris uses his advanced knowledge of SQL to enhance existing processes, as well as developing new ways of manipulating data. He also uses his knowledge of previous PMS experience to assist with understanding of client data to deal with any technical questions clients may have. Chris enjoys working as part of a team to achieve the end result.

Why Carpe Datum?

Because Carpe Datum was created by veterinary professionals who live by increasing practice performance, the insights provided tells you exactly where to focus to increase revenue and profitability ; its key metrics are tailored specifically to veterinary businesses.

Ultimately, the individual practices you acquire are excellent at providing veterinary care, but may need extra guidance on running a business. Carpe Datum gives you the insight you need to do this and help them maximise their profits.

Practice data is used to generate business metrics within three key areas:


You can see everything from big picture performance, to the fine details of a single practice. Information is displayed across practice-specific metrics such as number of active clients, annual client spend, and discount rates.

Performance Tracking.

Each metric, including revenue growth, is tracked against past performance. This allows you to spot negative trends before they become major business issues.


You can see how each practice is performing in relation to others within your organisation. This helps you to gauge performance within your organisation market securely, and prioritise actions to improve competitiveness.

Fast, Easy Implementation.

Carpe Datum is used independently of a Practice Management System, so doesn’t depend upon full system integration to function. Implementation can take as little as two weeks, giving you full practice visibility in very little time.

As a growing business within the veterinary profession, your aim is to bring more individual veterinary practices on board. However the acquisition is the easy bit…


You now need to quickly and accurately determine the business performance and profitability of every single practice in your portfolio – that’s the challenge…


At-a-glance performance metrics backed by powerful practice-level data.


Instant insight on individual practice performance across 21 veterinary specific metrics.


Benchmarked performance tracker with easy metrics display right at your fingertips.


Fast & easy Dashboard integration without the need to change your PMS.

“The real value of the Vet Dynamics Index is that it enables us to look ‘under the hood’ of our practice – delving into the numbers and analysing different areas of our business. The traffic light system allows us to see how our practice is performing at a glance, whilst the graphs show us trends and areas which may need attention. This is done in conjunction with our regular coach calls and reviews, during which those outcomes and actions are fed into our rolling 90 day plans.”

Chris DevlinHillside Vets

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