Business Intelligence for the Veterinary Profession

Seize the power of data for practice excellence!

At Carpe Datum, we analyse your data, providing actionable insights into every aspect of your veterinary practice’s performance.

Industry Index


At-a-glance performance metrics backed by powerful practice-level data.


Instant insight on individual practice performance across 24 veterinary specific metrics.


Benchmarked performance tracker with easy metrics display right at your fingertips.


Fast & easy Dashboard integration without the need to change your PMS.

Practice Index

Powering veterinary practices

Index is the engine that powers all of our services. It’s integral to practice owners who want to achieve optimal people and practice performance.

Experience a convenient way to measure, monitor and manage clinical output, team performance and client trends.

Watch this short video to see all the features and benefits of Practice Index.

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“The real value of the Index is that it enables us to look ‘under the hood’ of our practice – delving into the numbers and analysing different areas of our business. The traffic light system allows us to see how our practice is performing at a glance, whilst the graphs show us trends and areas which may need attention. This is done in conjunction with our regular coach calls and reviews, during which those outcomes and actions are fed into our rolling 90 day plans.”

Chris DevlinHillside Vets

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