Business Intelligence for the Veterinary Profession

Carpe Datum, the architects of Index, revolutionise practice performance assessment. Our robust data analysis engine can transform any PMS or data source in to an innovative traffic-light style dashboard, delivering data-driven metrics for pinpointing improvement areas at individual branch and vet levels.

After our in-depth categorisation and analysis of your data, swiftly evaluate strengths and weaknesses in new acquisitions and existing practices. Our unique capabilities provide immediate access to practice data, eliminating the waiting time associated with PMS migrations or integrations.

With our data engine, elevate your performance analysis, align individual clinics within a cohesive strategy, track progress, benchmark top-performers, and address under-performing practices—all in real-time. As your dedicated intelligence provider, we fuel data-driven measures for swift revenue growth, creating well-run, compassionate veterinary practices.

Meet the Team

Chris Wallington

.Net Developer

Chris joined Carpe Datum in 2017 and has been instrumental in driving the evolution of our Index product. With a deep expertise in Practice Management Systems, Chris effortlessly tackles challenges, enhancing our online platforms with superior categorisation. Beyond his professional prowess, Chris embodies a family-oriented spirit, cherishing moments with his wife and sons while keeping active through badminton. His dedication both in and out of the workplace truly enriches our team dynamic.

Carpe Datum Vision and Values

We Deliver Data Accurately and with Integrity
We Drive Achievements
We Build Relationships Based on Trust
We Innovate and Strive to Add Value