Discover revenue you never knew you were missing!

Our Revenue Optimiser makes the process of recovering lost revenue in your Veterinary Practice straightforward and lucrative.

Recover 3 to 4% of your annual turnover with quick and easy implementation.

The Revenue Optimiser provides a framework for deploying fair and consistent pricing in your practice, ensuring clients are charged appropriately. By addressing inconsistencies early, you can prevent the need for price increases and tackle root causes effectively.

In practice, we spend a long time adjusting our prices and designing fee structures, but we spend almost no time checking these fees are being deployed correctly. The Revenue Optimiser will identify the areas that need attention and quantify the amount of lost revenue you can recover

We analyse your PMS data using our Index, mining your data and revealing both good and bad billing habits.   These insights are summarised in a report to show you the priority areas that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line, enabling practice leaders to fully uncover this previously unmeasured issue.

Let us help you regain control and optimise your financial health.

We used the Revenue Optimiser service without really knowing what it might uncover. The findings were revelatory. We had expected some billing transgressions, but the results came as quite a shock. Using the analysis provided, we were able to target areas that needed improvement. It allowed us to review our fee structure based on objective data, and provided us material to educate our team members on adequate pricing.
As a direct consequence, our profit margins look much happier!

Celine Le Rochais | Coastway Vets February 2024

What’s included

Optimise your Revenue!

  • The Revenue Optimiser Practice Protocol Questionnaire (online form)
  • A 45-minute call with our Revenue Optimiser Consultant Paul Lawrence, to clarify your practice protocols and procedures.
  • A bespoke, comprehensive practice Revenue Optimiser Report will be generated from your PMS data for the past 12 months.
  • A follow up report to monitor progress

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